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You probably have lots of questions. Below you’ll find the answers to some of the most-asked ones — feel free to email or call me with others.



When choosing your photographer, I recommend you study as many image galleries as you can and find the work that best speaks to your soul and

your style. Photographers styles vary greatly, from the more traditional and posed to the wacky and arty. My work tends to the more informal.

I love simple, classic lines and artistic touches and I also search for a strong dynamism between the people I am photographing.

Often I find the more intimate moments come when you are not looking at the camera.



It's simple. Call or email me and we can discuss what you are looking for and set up a date. To start, I need to know:

• what kind of session you are interested in (maternity, newborn etc.)

• who will be in the photos (including ages of children)

• the dates/time frame you need (can you do week days vs weekends?)

• the type of location you would like, e.g. beach, green and shady, mountains etc.

I do ask for a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold your booking. Again, this is non-refundable in case of cancellation, but I will do my best

to accomodate rescheduling requests. I know work schedules can change, I know kids can get sick, and I know it can rain

when we are planning to shoot outdoors - so I keep my calendar flexible enough that we can roll with these necessary reschedules.

I do ask that you let me know asap if you decide not to use your booking date — this will allow me to open that day for someone else who

may be waiting.



The location settings are, well, we live in Hawaii, so you know the options are fantastic. Outdoor sessions are either early morning

or late afternoon to avoid harsh sunlight. If we are using a shaded site, we have more flexibility in terms of time.

My beach sites are primarily on the windward side.

When working outdoors, we need to roll with the weather and whatever is happening at the location.

For children, I strongly recommend that they are used to the environment we will be in; a photo session is not the best time for a first beach visit.


Once location is decided, I email a prep sheet that includes info on what you receive with your session, how to get ready, what to expect

during the session, some wardrobe guidelines, plus we get started on planning what we will do in terms of colors, props, poses etc.



The session price is all that you pay — there are no extras for prints or galleries etc.

The session price may vary depending on the number of people in your group and if we are doing an extended session for additional locations or outfits.

I do add Hawaii's 4.5% GE tax if you pay via credit/debit card or PayPal or Venmo.

The session price covers planning, props, photography time, and all processing of your final photos.

I do not give you every frame we shoot — rather I edit down to the best

and give you files that are beautifully processed, lightly retouched and print-ready. The minimum number depends on the kind of session we are doing.

Your photos range from sweeping scenics to close-ups.

The files come with the documentation that gives you full reproduction rights.



My standard maternity session is one hour and is for you plus one. It is at one location with one outfit - plus swimsuit photos at the end if you chose.

Extended sessions are available if you would like to use more than one outfit or more than one location — these are custom designed and pricing depends on the specific details.


So, when is the best time to capture your maternity portraits?

Typically my maternity sessions are done between 34 to 37 weeks. But we live in a real world and sometimes schedules and other things intervene,

so don’t think of this as a hard-and-fast rule … you can get beautiful pictures earlier than 34 weeks (I do lots of babymoon sessions!) — and it wouldn't be the first time

if we did your session when you're due any day...



My newborn sessions are outdoors. The most important thing is keeping baby safe and comfortable

so we will reschedule our session date if it is raining or too windy or anything else that might create unsafe conditions. 


The standard newborn session is one hour. In this time expect to do one major setup (e.g. the teepee and basket or the tide pools and wooden bowl).

I capture a range of images from full location shots to closeups of baby's hands, toes, face etc.


Newborn sessions are all about patience. The majority of newborn poses work only when your baby is fast asleep.

So what do we do if baby decides they want to be awake during that hour? Over the years I have found some ways to work around this;

there is also the option to extend your session if we need the extra time to get the photos you are wanting — NB. this is as light and weather conditions permit.

Extended sessions may also be available if you are wanting to do more than one portrait setup or family photos etc.

These are priced depending on your individual needs.


When to take newborn portraits

Really, I think any day is a good day to take photos of your children (well, unless they’re sick and grouchy, perhaps …).

Many parents like to catch that just-born look, in which case your session should be done within 10 days of birth

when your baby is still curled up and sleepy. Don’t worry if you don’t make this time window — after all, you are going to have plenty

on your hands in those first few days  — and you can get equally beautiful portraits as your little one grows.

Some of the baby-on-the-beach images in my galleries are with babies around 7 weeks to 3 months old — and I really don’t think they

could be more angelic.


How to book a newborn session

Right, they don't have their iPhone on the family plan yet, so they can't text when they expect to arrive. I pencil you in my calendar

on your due date, then ask that you call, text, or email within 24 hours of baby's arrival so we can fix the exact date we will take photos.

We do all the planning for the session before baby arrives.


What to wear

Well, nothing, often for the newborns. I have a range of wraps, blankets, fluffs, baskets, bowls, headbands etc. that we can use.




This should be a relaxing and fun time for your child. I will not ask them to say “cheese.”

In fact, I would prefer that they ignore me for the most part.

I will do some lightly posed photos, but, for me, the greatest moments come when a child is engaged in

his or her own absolutely fascinating adventures … examining a bug, jumping off something, running in crazy circles.


Plan on a time when your child is napped, rested and fed.

I understand that scheduling young children can be challenging and I will work with you to make sure we hit that happy time

on the day. Many locations require early morning or late afternoon sessions so that we aren't battling harsh light;

if your child is happiest in the middle part of the day we can seek out a shaded spot.


What to wear

If more than one person is to be photographed, keep clothing styles and colors in a similar palette. I include some outfit notes in your individual session plan.

With young children, I recommend one outfit for the session as changes can really disrupt the flow of the session for them,

but please let me know if you would like to include a second outfit and we can plan.

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